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To our Freshies Community What does Freshies have in common with the Granby bears? The answer is that we will both be in hibernation until spring brings warmer weather. We have made the difficult decision to TEMPORARILY close our kitchen and take some needed holiday. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones as the pandemic winds down slowly and we strive to get everyone vaccinated. Our plan is to be back and open again in early March. While we are away we will continue working on ways to serve you above and beyond the dining room. In the meantime please go out when you can and support the HECK out of those local small businesses that are still able to remain open. We cannot get through this without your help and continued support. Your love and kindness over the last year has meant the world to us and the Freshies team can’t wait to get back to serving you… For the Love of Good Food! Yours, in good health, Fabiola Bowles Higby

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